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Here you can find poker articles, poker news and other poker related topics. Read about the latest in the poker world and find historical facts as well. Poker is one of the oldest and most played poker games. In the last decade the interest for poker has grown enormously. The reason for this is spelled Online Poker. With the introduction of playing poker online, all of a sudden, this old game was made available for a huge crowd of new poker players. At the same time as this boom started, media followed suit. Never before was live poker broadcasted on TV. Now it is on more or less everyday. The true poker enthuasiast is in heaven you might say.

Poker is by many said to be a game of luck. To some part this is true but luck normally goes both ways. In the long run, poker is a true game of skill even though you in the short run can be very lucky or unlucky as a poker player. Poker is in that sense very similar to other games of skill such as Backgammon.

You can find interviews with amazing poker players of the world and links to the best poker sites.