The worlds best 1 table tournament player Bo Sehlstedt

Bo Sehlstedt is one of the worlds best one table tournament players and has won lots both off and online. Cardwolves has interviewed the thirty year old Swede at a restaurant near his office in Stockholm. Yesterday he played a number of Sunday tournaments on the net and in short his own poker site Legatopoker will launch. Soon he'll go to Las Vegas for WSOP, you can see that he is doing al right.

Not long ago he "bonus whored" different casino sites instead of working for a summer. The only thing he needed to do was register on a new site, play Black Jack with basic strategy and cash 700-800 dollars. After a while the casino bonuses ran out and Sehlstedt decided to try poker.

"In the beginning I thought that if I can keep from losing I can cash in some bonus money, as on the casino sites. But, after a while I noticed that there was more to get than the bonus money."

Sehlstedts poker career is a fascinating but stabile progress story. He worked a short time at Scania as an engineer in their finance office but when the poker winnings started to get bigger and the nights longer he soon lost the motivation and started with poker full time. Since then he ha won a lot of money both live and online but even though his bank account has expanded Sehlstedt considers himself to be the same person.

"It was incredibly nice in the beginning. I've never lacked money earlier either. At high school I had lots of projects to make money but of course it is nice not to have to think about the price tag when I bought stuff. At the same time I've gotten to a position that I can enjoy. I've bought a nice car (BMX M5), a nice apartment and the family has a nice summer place so I really don't need to make more money. I don't think I live like so many of the young Swedish poker players that became divas when they won a lot of money in short time.

Any examples?
I don't want to point anyone in particular but if you take a look at the well known Swedish players it really isn't that hard to see. I'm happy I had a proper job before I started making real money which a lot of those I talk about haven't had.

Do you consider your poker playing as a hobby or as work?
It's hard to answer. The times of my life when I have lived on it I've considered it a job but at the same time it has been very fun. I'm also pushing myself a lot. Since I started to have statistics of my laying I've been winning and I never allow myself to loose a month.

If you had to chose between 20 millions without poker for the rest of your life or 1 million with?
If you'd asked me three months ago I'd said no but today I'd go for the 20 millions. Honestly I don't feel the same way for poker today. It just isn't that fun anymore.