Features of Pokeroffice that improve your game

Pokeroffice is a tracking software used in poker games. It has many additional features which make it far more superior than other similar programs. Though it does essentially the same things as the other programs, it is easier to set up right after you acquire it.

Some of the features it has include the ability to view the mucked hands of your opponents. You are also able to download hand histories and manipulate various add-on programs. All these features are also available with other programs, but PokerOffice makes them more user-friendly.

One of the best things about it is that you can get real time statistics through the live game tracker. It shows you the draw odds, pot odds and other statistics in real time, on the table. Moreover, you get accurate information about your opponents.

Some of the things you can view at a glance about your opponents include how often they raise preflop, percentage of flops they have seen and the current pot odds among many other things. The program also rates your opponent adjusting every time to show you how much he or she is a threat. This can be deduced by the rate of aggression, how often he or she defends their blinds, bb/100 hands and pre or post flop statistics among many others.

The layout is great. It helps you to know the strong and weak players. It is possible for you to watch a table before joining and record the play. In fact, some people record the play at several tables before joining, so as to find the one that they stand to gain most from.

Another important feature PokerOffice has is the ability to view the mucked hands of your opponents. With it, you are able to see what people are calling on your bet on the river with. This greatly improves you chances of profiting from the game. You are also able to better classify players at the low limit tables, since they are predictable.