Guide to the Poker Paradise

Are you longing to get away from the cold of the winter? Tired of staring at the computer screen while the time is running away? Be calm, you are not alone, the majority are tired of the cold. And there is hope .We have listed six poker paradises that definitely will heat up frozen poker players.

Las Vegas, USA
Las Vegas is a Disneyland for adults. You can find the biggest plays, the tallest casinos and both the best and the worst poker players. The list can be made long, Las Vegas is simply put the Mecca of poker players. If you on top of that add the parties, the gigantic buffets and every thing else that happens in the city you’ll understand why Las Vegas is the ultimate poker paradise.

Bahamas, Caribbean
Let’s be straight forward, Bahamas is nothing for you that play microlimits. But, if you make a decent buck on your playing or have a pile of cash to spend then you might have the time of your life on Bahamas. Combine a little internet grinding in the hotel room with hands at a table in the fantastic casino. End the night with party and little umbrellas. Sounds nice? Go to Bahamas!

Macau, China
It is just a matter of time before the Chinese gambling capitol, Macau, becomes bigger then Las Vegas. The figures are clear on this, in 2006 the gambling in Macau reached 7000 million dollars. Macau feels very progressive compared to Las Vegas and how impressive isn’t it to say that you where there “back in the days” in a few years when everyone’s been there.

Atlantic City, USA
Do as Worm and Mike in Rounders and go and shoot some fish in Atlantic City. The city offers a number of casinos with an extreme amount of poker tables. If you like live playing Atlantic City is a must. You can find a rich night life and it is a really interesting alternative to Las Vegas if you are in the US.

Sun City, South Africa
Imagine Africas culture combined with poker, amazing hotels and extraordinary clubbing. Sun City in South Africa is Africas gambling capitol. Not the same diversity as in Las Vegas but at least as entertaining.

Monte Carlo, Monaco
Royalties, politicians and endless celebrities has wasted money in Monte Carlo. For $10 you are allowed through the doors and can behold the fantastic gambling environments that the casinos of Monte Carlo are. That you can find tough playing and the EPT main finals here makes Monte Carlo an even hotter poker city. Every poker player should go here at least once.

Stockholm, Sweden
If Las Vegas is Poker Paradise then Stockholm is Poker Hell with temperatures far below 0, expensive beer and nightlife at the bottom of the scale. The contrasts are huge and a capitol with just 1 casino will never be a paradise.