Procedure Followed While Playing Poker

Poker is a family of card games which share the betting rules and hand rankings. These games differ in the cards being dealt to players, hands being formed, high or low hands, pot in a show down, betting rounds. Most of the modern games have the first betting round beginning with the forced bets. The action then proceeds to the left. Later each player has three options: Match the previous bet, raise or fold. Any player who matches with the previous bet has options of raising the bet. When all the players have matched the bets then the betting round ends.

In poker, the long run expectations are determined by the hands players play. In casual game, the betting begins with the dealer. Generally, dealer is marked by a token called “dealer button”. This is in the case of online. However, in a live casino there will be a person sitting at the table and distributing the cards. This person is said to be the dealer and he is having maximum power. The button is generally a white plastic disk which is rotated in clockwise direction. This button determines the order of betting and sees that the betting goes on in a rhythm.

Sometimes players are required to place force bets. They sometimes place the Ante or the Blind bet. The dealer starts shuffling the cards and the player who sits to the right of the dealer cuts some cards. After this thing the dealer distributes one card at a time to the players. Cards are dealt either face up or face down to the players. This deal depends on the variant of poker being played. After dealing the cards the betting round begins. At the time of betting, players hand develops and they try to raise the bets. In the betting round if a player places his bets and no other opponents try to call the bet and instead of it if they fold then the hand ends immediately and the winner is awarded the pot. This technique in which the opponents try to increase the bets, even though they are not having the right hand is called as bluffing. This is a primary feature of poker.

In the last betting round if there is more than one player in the game then that stage is called as showdown. Here, players reveal their hidden cards and evaluate their hands. The player having the best hand is declared as the winner. The player who has the best hand finally wins the pot. Sometimes a situation occurs, where both players have same ranking cards. At this stage the dealer deals two cards on table and the player who has the biggest matching hand will be declared as winner. Players, who apply smart techniques in playing this poker game, will be able to win the pot at the end. A poker hands generally has five cards, some variants of poker have more than five cards.